Welcome to Better Psychology, where we empower minds and foster well-being in the heart of Luxembourg. My dedication and expertise are committed to providing personalized and effective psychological support, guiding you toward a brighter and healthier future.

My Goal

Trust Better Psychology, while embarking on a path toward resilience, self-discovery, and a fulfilling life.

Take the first step towards positive change by embracing the transformative power of therapy — a journey that can bring healing, self-discovery, and newfound strength to navigate life’s challenges.

Welcome to my private practice where you can find professional assistance in coping with mental health issues, neurological disorders, and disabilities. I’m a licensed psychologist, psycho-oncologist, clinical neuropsychologist, as well as a Certified Rehabilitation Counsellor (CRC) accredited by the US Commission.

With my extensive experience in Greece, Luxembourg, and the US, I am dedicated to helping individuals with difficulties surpass their cognitive, physical, and mental health impediments, find new meaning in life, and navigate their way in the current society.

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Your words mean the world to me...

Kalliopi identified the executive functions that had been affected by the strokes and has developed therapy to address each one of them. My recovery is still a work in progress but Kalliopi gave me my life back.
D.L. - USA