Ways to stop being a people pleaser

  1. Prioritize your needs focus on what you need and not what others need
  2. Learn to say no nicely it is highly empowering to start saying no
  3. Set your limits and personal boundaries based on your values, goals, preferences, and beliefs
  4. Be honest tell how you really feel and let people see the real you. Do not fabricate fake reasons or excuses.
  5. Let go of the guilt and permit yourself to do what you want and what you feel is best for you
  6. Ask for favors start by asking small favors that will take a few seconds of someone’s time
  7. Stall for time if you can’t figure out if you want to say yes to someone’s request or favor, ask for more time to think about it
  8. Listen to your inner voice this gut feeling that tells you to say no
  9. Avoid people who take advantage of others your real friends will respect your boundaries. A people pleaser can turn into a doormat by selfish exploiters.
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